3 Surprising Ways to Lose Weight Without Extra Work!

Losing weight is hard. Like, really hard. If someone is telling you something different, offering you an easy solution or saying that you are not trying hard enough then you should evaluate why they are saying it to you. There’s lots of weight loss solutions in Olympia, but here’s 3 things you can do today to get started.

1. Get More (and better) Sleep

Using the “sleep is for the weak” method of trying to lose weight is like stepping over dollars to pick up pennies. Countless studies have shown that quality sleep is a huge part of a weight loss plan. Conversely, poor sleep can lead to weight gain. Being tired lowers our inhibitions against cravings. That means those fast food signs that we normally drive past will stop us in our tracks when we are tired.

Getting enough quality sleep affects so much more than our weight. It’s one of the cornerstones of our health. Here are a few tips to getting enough sleep:

  1. Stop using electronics 1 hour before sleep.
  2. Try to have the same bedtime each night
  3. Create a routine that leads into your bedtime
  4. Only use your bed for sleeping (and other extracurricular activities…)

2. Slow Down your Eating

How fast do you eat? I bet it’s faster than you think. We aren’t good at taking time eating our food because that wasn’t a great survival tactic. Get in, get the calories, get out. However, most people don’t have to worry about getting hunted while eating their meal anymore. This means we are still eating quickly, which is leading to overeating.

Our hunger/satiation cycle isn’t an exact and immediate process. Feeling full lags behind when we are actually full. Slowing down our eating allows us to feel the physical effects of being full. This can lead to consuming less food overall. Even overeating 50 extra calories a meal can lead to 1050 extra calories a week. Being in a calorie deficit is the only way to lose body fat. This is a great first step that can be done by anyone, anywhere and without any special tools!

Next time you have a meal, take your phone and set a 10 minute timer. Try to finish your meal after that timer. Simple!

3. Walk

Fasted cardio? Nah

HIIT? No way.

Tabata? Get real.

Go for a walk.

Take a 10 minute minimum each day and go for a walk. Get out in nature if you can, but move your body no matter the setting. You can go longer but shooting for 10 minutes each day is a great no-fail strategy. Creating habits that can be done everyday regardless of your schedule, lifestyle or ability is very important.

Simply walking 10 minutes a day will increase your activity by over an hour each week. You’re much more likely to do longer sessions, further increasing how much you move.

As you can see, these habits compound on themselves. They may seem like small things each day, but the cumulative effect you have over a week or month or year cannot be discounted. Small habits aren’t unimportant; they create the life that we want to live.

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