What Are Goals that are Alternatives to Weight Loss?

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There are many alternatives to weight loss when we think of being healthy. The problem is the scale is so pervasive in our society that it’s hard to get away from. From shows like “The Biggest Loser” to the trope of an overweight person stepping on a scale, weight and weight loss has been seen as a necessary part of our health.

When we move away from focusing on one number, a number of different options open up. Afterall, the number on the scale can and does change from day to day. Should such a measurement that can change so quickly be a part of our health journey? Here are some alternatives to weight loss that you can use instead!

Habits that are Alternatives to Weight Loss

Focus on How Our Clothes Fit

As our body changes (called body recomposition) when we embark on our health journey, we often forget that it’s a slow process. It’s not slow enough not to be able to see visual changes in a short period of time, however. Much like losing 1 to 2 pounds a week can be healthy long-term, how we fit into our clothes might be much more telling and a better psychological boost to our self-esteem than simply seeing a number move.

Our clothes might hang a little different, feel a little looser on our bodies and might even look more filled out as we build musculature. Checking each week with the same piece of clothing to see how our body is changing is a good indicator of your progress that won’t feel obsessive. And because the change is slow, you won’t be tempted to need to check everyday like you would a scale.

Focus on Performance Goals

Were you able to do one more rep on the bench press this week? Or did you add five pounds to your squat? These performance based goals are perfect for beginners because they are often linear progressions. This means that they can go up and up for a long time as you adapt to exercise.

These “beginner gains” help keep forward momentum for an athlete just starting their career. Focusing on performance goals is much more sustainable than looking at a scale, because you are active while you pursue them, instead of passively standing on a scale.

Focus on Eating Enough Protein

Getting enough protein is a great alternative weight loss strategy. If you feel the need to count your food in some way, this is the one metric that I would suggest everyone add to all their meals. Most people should be eating 1 gram to 1 pound of body weight.

Protein will help fill you up and keep you feeling full for longer. It also helps your body repair itself after resistance training. It doesn’t need to be an animal protein if that is your lifestyle, but getting enough protein for each meal will help your health goals!

Develop Dynamic Habits!

Be joining our Dynamic Habits 12 Week Program, you receive habits that are tailored to YOUR needs. We stay away from the idea of weight loss as a goal, and focus on the habits that will lead you to a healthier and more fit version of you. Weight loss is a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle.

So if you’re ready to join the Anti-Diet Revolution, get a free consultation to go over your goals and how we can help you get there.

Are there any strategies that you can think of? Let us know in the comments!



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